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Accounting and Tax Services

Banks in Japan have strict KYC processes due to anti-money laundering requirements. We have seen countless cases where Japanese banks have rejected applications of newly established entities and branches of foreign headquartered companies. Newly established companies are more likely to be rejected because they have lower credibility.

Accounting work is 90% process and 10% knowledge. Most firms in the industry have the knowledge but they do not set up a lean six sigma process to ensure accurate and on-time reporting each month.

If you need us to manage your global ERP such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics or any other global platform for your Japanese business we can support you. Our current clients are using all of the above, and more; with weConnect managing their respective ERP for their Japan and Asia businesses.

Of course, not every company has a global ERP. For those that would like weConnect to provide a system in English, with unlimited user access globally, we typically recommend Xero. The screenshots below show how you get the standard financial reports in Xero and a dashboard to quickly review key performance indicators, bank balances, AR and AP accounts.

If you ever want to know the transactions that have been booked to a particular account simply click on the account balance to drill down to the transactional level. If you would then like to see the source document representing a particular transaction, one more click allows you to drill down to see an image of the related source document.

There are very few, if any, accounting and tax firms in Japan or Asia that can provide this level of flexibility and visibility in English other than weConnect.


Key Takeaways

We can use your ERP or our accounting system to book in your policy for Japan and Asia while communicating and reporting in English.