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Required Initial Tax Filings for a New Japanese Business

The initial tax filings in Japan include:

Notification of Corporation Establishment

This notification form must be submitted if a new company is established in Japan.

Application for Blue Form Tax Return

Applying for a Blue form tax return will provide your clients with various benefits such as carry forward losses.

Application for Filing Extension

Banks generally require the company’s representative director to visit the bank window with the bank seal to open a bank account. If weConnect is helping you to open a Japanese bank account, no bank account visit is required for our recommended branches

Filing deadline for the corporate tax return can be extended by one month with this application.

Notification of Establishment of a Salary-Paying Office

This filing is to notify when a newly established office in Japan plans to pay salaries. When a company is newly established, it is usually submitted together with the application for withholding income tax payment due dates.

Application for Reducing the Number of Annual Withholding Tax Payments

Withholding tax payments should be made once a month. However, for small businesses with fewer than 10 employees, this can be reduced to twice a year by filing this application.

Key Takeaways

Let weConnect help ensure the correct and most strategic filings with the tax office are submitted on time.