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Payroll & Human Resources

Banks in Japan have strict KYC processes due to anti-money laundering requirements. We have seen countless cases where Japanese banks have rejected applications of newly established entities and branches of foreign headquartered companies. Newly established companies are more likely to be rejected because they have lower credibility.

Japan payroll is historically managed through rigid systems, excel files, and lots and lots of paper. When clients work with weConnect we remove all paper from the process by implementing a streamlined employee self-serve system. This system is built specifically for the Japan market with digital government filing capabilities built in.

Life events for an employee–like moving, a new bank account, or a new baby–can trigger either the system or weConnect to take action with one of the four buttons, seen in the screen below.


Pay slips, individual tax returns, social security numbers and all employee information is managed through this system. This creates a paperless process for the employer and employee.

Your dedicated point of contact will report and speak with you in English while dealing with all local payroll, statutory Japanese employment benefit administration, and all annual HR filings with the government.

Key Takeaways

weConnect provides a completely digital payroll service for clients and their employees in Japan. Avoid human error with weConnect.