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Japan’s Financial Renaissance: Your Firm’s Gateway to Asian Markets

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Japan is boldly redefining its financial landscape, aiming to emerge as Asia’s central financial hub. With its combination of political stability, a strong domestic economy, and substantial household financial assets, Japan stands out as an attractive destination for ambitious financial firms.

The Financial Start-up Support Program, spearheaded by the Japanese government, showcases a commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment that’s inviting for international asset managers and investment advisors.

The Japanese government is working in unison to achieve its goal of transforming Japan into an international financial center. As part of this effort, this program will be implemented to provide foreign nationals and financial businesses with cost support, and one-stop English support that covers from business start-up to daily life aspects.

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What makes Japan an attractive market for finance firms?

Japan’s Alluring Financial Climate

Stability and growth go hand in hand in Japan’s financial sector. As the third-largest economy globally, Japan houses a vast array of financial activities, ranging from traditional asset management to cutting-edge fintech solutions.

The nation’s drive to innovate is matched by its efforts to create a welcoming financial ecosystem for foreign businesses, highlighted by generous tax reforms and regulatory simplifications that ease the entry of global firms into its markets.

Tax Reforms and Financial Incentives

Japan’s recent business-friendly tax reforms cater specifically to asset management firms, creating an advantageous fiscal environment.

Simplified Market Entry

The Financial Market Entry Office provides seamless one-stop services in English, ranging from pre-application consultations to registration and supervision.

Visa Facilitation

A streamlined immigration process is in place for asset managers, simplifying the acquisition of visas and residency status for professionals and their families.

Comprehensive Settlement Support

Newcomers to Japan are greeted with substantial support for setting up their business and acclimating to life in Japan, including assistance with housing, education, and healthcare.

Illuminating Success Stories

Success narratives are plentiful, each outlining the distinct advantages firms gain by joining Japan’s financial program. From New Mountain Capital’s expansion fueled by the JPY 20 million rebate to Sanford C. Bernstein Japan KK’s quick scaling due to the program’s support, the evidence is clear: Japan’s financial environment is conducive to growth. Each story underscores the transformative effect Japan’s comprehensive program can have on ambitious financial entities.

New Mountain Capital’s Strategic Expansion

New Mountain Capital, an alternative asset manager based in New York, significantly benefited from the JPY 20 million rebate by strategically securing a Type II Financial Instruments Business license in Japan. Established in March 2023, the Tokyo office represents the firm’s only entity in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting its commitment to providing high-quality service to its partners in Japan and the broader APAC area. Their success in Japan is not only marked by a streamlined registration process facilitated by the Financial Market Entry Office (FMEO) but also by comprehensive support from the Financial Start-up Support Program. This proactive approach has enabled New Mountain to attract institutional investors in Japan, reinforcing its global relationships and expanding its footprint in the alternative assets market.

Sanford C. Bernstein Japan KK’s Rapid Scaling

Similarly, Sanford C. Bernstein Japan KK leveraged the program’s support to expedite its business registration for Investment Advisory and Agency Business in English. This strategic move has allowed them to operate efficiently in Japan’s vibrant financial sector, enhancing their service offerings and client interactions within the region. The firm’s effective use of the FMEO and the broader support mechanisms underscores the program’s role in facilitating smooth and effective market entries for foreign firms, thus fostering a conducive environment for growth and development in the Japanese financial landscape.

Deepening Your Firm’s Roots in Asia

The opportunity in Japan extends beyond the immediate benefits of the Financial Start-up Support Program. It offers firms a strategic foothold in Asia, serving as a beacon for further expansion across the region. Engaging in Japan’s robust financial sector can amplify a firm’s presence and influence across the entire Asia-Pacific region, where economic growth rates surpass those of more established markets.

Learn More About Opportunities for Expansion in the Finance Sector in Japan

The convergence of Japan’s financial sector growth, along with its open-arms policy for foreign firms, is an unmistakable signal. The country is not just offering a chance to grow — it’s providing the resources to thrive. For financial firms looking to make a mark in Asia, Japan’s doors are wide open.

Are you ready to take part in Japan’s bold vision for financial expansion? Contact weConnect to explore this unprecedented opportunity, and step into a future where your firm leads in the world’s most dynamic region.




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