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weConnect is better than other U.S. accounting and tax solutions, period.

We wrote this content because we want to help companies manage their global bookkeeping and accounting in their way, in the accounting system of their choice. We believe our service level is the new standard in global bookkeeping and accounting service around the world and we want to highlight why we think we can give you a great experience.

When companies are considering how to handle their bookkeeping and accounting, they typically consider hiring in-house or outsourcing it to an accounting firm. When considering outsourcing, we know companies will have concerns, so let’s lay them out on the table. Concerns like, “If I outsource, I will not have any control”, “I will not have the same relationship as if I hired staff internally”, “The service will be inflexible”, “Will the people I work with be any good?”, “Will the price be competitive?”, the list goes on. No matter your experience, we want to explain how we can overcome all of these concerns below. With weConnect as your partner, the entire experience will be better than anything you have experienced before (just look at our testimonials to see the clients who already feel this way about us):

Choose Your Accounting System

weConnect will work with you to use your own accounting system around the world. We are experts in Xero, Quickbooks, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, NetSuite, Hyperion, Sage, ZOHO, Paprika and other systems.

If you do not have a system of choice, we would suggest using Xero as it is extremely user-friendly and cloud-based so you can access it anywhere. With it you get a dashboard that lets you track key financial KPIs and drill down and see transaction-level source documentation in case of an audit. Leveraging Xero lets you enjoy modern ways to view your financials while still being compliant with US tax law.

Above: The Xero Dashboard. Access your accounting book, bills, and invoices via browser and mobile application from anywhere in the world with unlimited user access.

Above: Financial Statements in Xero. See all traditional financial statements in real-time in the cloud. Click the numbers in light-blue highlight to drill down and see the details.

Our Service is Like Having Your Own In-House Accounting Team

Outsourcing providers often communicate through email and telephone, leaving clients feeling distant from those supporting them. At weConnect, we leverage all the latest communication platforms to give our clients near-instant access to their teams and the ability to start a face-to-face meeting at the click of a button.

We like to use Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Skype and Google Hangouts but are open to using whatever makes sense to communicate with clients. Some clients like Discord for example. These communication platforms allow our clients to develop more intimate and meaningful

relationships with our team, and with the ease of video conferencing it feels exactly like hiring a team in-house.

Business Continuity

We assign a team to your account so if someone is on vacation, sick or leaves our firm, your service is never interrupted.

Top Tax Experts

Our tax team is led by former Big4 partners and works closely with our accounting team to ensure all the appropriate adjustments are made for all tax compliance, reporting, and filings.

Quality is King

We hand-pick everyone that joins the weConnect team and make sure they are passionate about the work they will be handling for clients so we can be confident you will always receive the highest level of quality and customer service.

Our Fees Are Medium Range In The Market

We are less expensive than Big4 (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG) but more expensive than a local accounting firm.

English Language Operations

We operate in English, the most common cross-border business language.

Key Takeaways

We believe our high level of expertise leveraging the latest global accounting systems, our in-house accounting staff feel, our ability to understand the culture you come from and explain how the US may be different and our ability to deliver high-quality service with no business continuity risk all for a medium price in the market makes us the best accounting solution provider for foreign companies operating in the US market. For companies who need financial reporting done for headquarters, we believe we have a very high cultural fit to ensure HQ gets what they need, the local team gets what they need and the gap between the business side and the accounting side becomes as narrow as possible. Let us know if you would like to understand how to handle your accounting and tax more efficiently. We can even help replace large in-house accounting teams with a more cost-effective streamlined approach saving our clients on average 15-50% in cost. Contact us, please!




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