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Asia-wide Back Office Compliance Made Easy

Our mission is to make incorporation, accounting, payroll and tax compliance as easy as possible throughout Asia so you can focus on securing talent and building your business.

Expanding and Managing Companies in Asia

If you are expanding in Asia, we can set up companies in each Asian country through 1 point of contact managing all setup timelines and milestones. Once your legal entity is established in each country, your ongoing accounting, banking and tax functions will be managed by one of our senior finance team members with 10-20 years experience. Their team will use the same accounting system for all of your entities in Asia. Payroll and HR compliance would be managed by one of our senior payroll specialists using the same payroll technology for all of Asia.

If you already have subsidiaries in Asia, let us consolidate them for you under our 1 team, 1 system approach. Want to use NetSuite, Xero, Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Paprika, Workday, Bamboo, Success Factors or another system? We can help make sure all data is input correctly for management and tax reporting.

We want to minimize your time spent on Asia compliance and maximize your time spent on the initiatives that add the most value to your business.


One Contract

Sign one contract covering services across Asia


One Team

Never train us twice on the same requirement or process. Once is enough


One Account Manager

One escalation point for all Asia solutions


One Pricing Model

Our pricing structure is the same across each Asian country


Standardized Reporting

Get reports for each of your Asia subsidiaries in the same format


One System

Use the same Finance and HR system for all of Asia

weConnect Leadership
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Scott Smoler

Chief Executive Officer 12 years experience. Streamlined the finance, payroll and tax functions of over 700 client subsidiaries in Asia.
team image

Matthew Kyle

Chief Commercial Officer 10 years experience. Helped over 500 companies enter and expand their business in Asian markets.
team image

Kim See Tan

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer 22 years experience. Managed more than 300 client subsidiaries in Asia.
team image

Rui Wang

Chief Solutions Officer 7 years experience. Implemented back office solutions for over 400 client subsidiaries in Asia.
team image

Swee Tuan Seah

Chief Implementations Officer 20 years experience. Implemented over 300 APAC finance functions.
team image

Arthur Yuen

Chief Partnerships Officer 10 years experience. Coordinated over 200 client expansions throughout Asia.
team image

Jay Sen Lon

APAC Director 7 years experience. Helped more than 300 client subsidiaries get set up in Asia.
team image

Satoshi Ohwada

Tax Partner Over 20 years experience. Helped more than 900 Japanese, US and European companies expand into Asia.

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weConnect Testimonials

Martha Wallau

Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director

I don’t think we’ve found anyone that is as good as or better than weConnect in Asia and wished they provided services in Europe and/or the Middle East.

Darya Hardzei

Finance Manager

The weConnect team is for sure the most proactive team I ever have worked with. It means a lot in a business where a lot of things are going on at the same time.

Jun Tamaki

Chief Financial Officer

Tanaka Optical was established in 1913 and operates 130 retail stores in Asia today. Outsourcing accounting to weConnect was the first time in our company’s history to outsource any part of the back office. We knew the task would be challenging but weConnect was able to deliver on the engagement beyond our expectations and helped us consider better ways of doing things.