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Opening a Bank Account in the United States for your New U.S. C-Corp or LLC

One of the biggest headaches for companies headquartered in Europe, Asia, Centra...

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Employee Identification Number (EIN): Your US Entity Is Dead Without It

Establishing your business in the U.S. is not just about setting up an entity. T...

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U.S. LLC or C-Corp for Companies HQed outside the U.S.

Both the LLC and the C-Corp can be suitable for a Foreign Investor to use when e...

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assets global expansion

weConnect is better than other U.S. accounting and tax solutions, period.

We wrote this content because we want to help companies manage their global book...

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Secure Top Talent: Offer Competitive Beneftis to Your Employees

Build a Benefits Package that Attracts Top American Talent ...

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How to deal with the 50 U.S. states’ (kingdoms) tax regimes

When it comes to U.S. tax compliance, it is important to take note that the enti...

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